Monday, October 27, 2008

Hiens story ........

A while ago Dat asked about us helping a young girl Hien, to stay in school.
Hien is 15 yrs old and the eldest of three children, she has two younger brothers, aged 11 & 13 years old. Both brothers have been struck down with a disease that has not only left them incapacitated but also horrendously disfigured and in constant pain.

The family is very poor, and what little resources they have ever had, have gone into medical expenses to try and save their sons, all to no avail. The boys condition has constantly deteriorated and the family have been told that nothing can be done. As the eldest and only healthy child, you can imagine the responsibility and burden that is Hien’s future.

Hien’s family cannot afford the expenses involved with her going to school, they also need her to earn money to help the family to care for her brothers. Hien would really like to stay in school.

Dat met with the family a few times to work out what they needed and how we could assist them. He told Hien to go back to school and he reassured her parents that we will help them. We are now supporting her education and paying for medicine for the boys, along with regular donations of fruit and coca cola, because that is their favourite thing in the world!!

Dat has since met with Hien and her family quite a few times, while the boys are not doing so well, Hien is doing okay. She lives quite a distance from her school so ACCV has purchased a bicycle for her, she not only uses it to go to and from school she also takes her brothers out for a bit of a ride around as a treat for them.

Dat asked her how she was enjoying being back at school, her response was a broad smile as she said;

" to continue studying brings me great happiness."

As an interesting aside to us helping Hien, she and Dat have got to know each other quite well and she now helps him out and takes photos for him of different projects that we are working on - he then sends the photos on to me, ........... thanks Hien :)



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