Saturday, June 5, 2010

A brighter tomorrow ....

We are really growing at ACCV,  we have now outlined three main areas to our program. One area is called "A Brighter Tomorrow"  it works with individuals and families to break the poverty cycle using education and support.

While education is our primary focus, 'support' can take many forms;  food, medicines, housing....  whatever is necessary to turn things around. Our ultimate goal and focus is to help people to help themselves.

Recently, I told you the story of Cong, a young boy we know who was having a difficult time. 

It turned out that his mother was very ill and in dire need of surgery that they simply could not afford. She is the sole bread winner, which means the entire family was in trouble. It was apparent that in order to help Cong we had to begin with his mother's medical needs.

ACCV funded the surgery for Congs mother which was successful. She is now on the road to recovery. Time for us to address other issues  so that this family could move forward.

Another real problem they had was that their home was completely full of rubbish. Congs mother walks the streets trying to sell fruit, she also collects rubbish, hoping to recycle or sell it on. Over the years this rubbish has become stock piled and the house is full to capacity. Apart from having no room to live, this situation was distressing and unhealthy for Cong.

I can't explain to you how much rubbish was crammed into a very small "house" (a room off an alley) . When Rose and I went to visit there was a tiny space available. The place was untenable.  

Once again Toan took control and plan B was underway. It took three full days to empty the house and cart away all the rubbish. The photographs tell you the story of what was unearthed.
Eventually there was an end in sight to the landslide of rubbish and garbage bags. The family home was finally taking shape, they even unearthed another small room! Cong now has a clean home and some privacy for the first time in his life.
Plan C involves maintenance and moving forward. Congs mother has had her leg braces removed but she still has quite a road of recovery ahead of her. Toan will take her back to the hospital next week for her check up. ACCV will provide food and support for the family over the next few months  until she is back on her feet and can provide for her family once again.


We also intend to support Cong  as he resumes his education. Chau and Toan will arrange for him to return to school,  ACCV will fully support his studies.
Cong is relieved that the worst is behind his family, and he's excited at the prospect of a brighter tomorrow.

Kind regards 
Alison & Rose

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