Sunday, November 23, 2008

Every sweet has it's sour.........

On our travels back and forth to Hanoi, Rose has a little side line that she takes great pleasure from. Before each trip she likes to stock up on supplies of an unusual Australian lolly – Sour Warheads – an innocent looking candy that is coated with a very sour and bitter outer layer!

She likes to give them to unsuspecting people and then she quickly takes their photograph.

She really likes to catch their expression as the expectation of a sweet taste sensation is replaced by the shock of the very sour experience!

The kids have now become somewhat used to them and they have become a measure of strength and stamina, Jim reported them taking a handful, proudly showing them to the other kids and loudly yelling ‘mot, hai, ba’ and throwing them all into their mouths at once - to the cheers and delight of the other kids – and then there is the inner battle to keep a straight face!




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