Sunday, April 5, 2009

It goes around and it comes around……………..

We are really busy at ACCV at the moment, preparing for the English language course for blind people. Our pilot course will begin in the first week of May, it’s very exciting for us all and should be a real life changing experience for the blind students, it will really open up a whole new world for them. We have had a wonderful response from both the blind community (we are already talking to other centers that would like us to run the course with them) and also from voluntary teaching staff. We had a meeting with the teachers and teaching assistants yesterday and it was a pleasure to be in such great company. An enormous amount of thanks goes to Juliette, she has worked tirelessly and passionately to get this course off the ground, she’s doing a great job for ACCV. We are really indebted to her, she is one amazing lady. So, with Brian, Anh & Dat also working away for us, we are building a great team

The language course is shaping up to be a fabulous programme, full of interesting, interactive learning materials. While researching and planning the syllabus I came across a terrific English language website called We are incorporating songs into the programme so it was a wonderful find. I was even more delighted when I discovered that the songs could be downloaded for free, (which I promptly did!) I then emailed the website creator ‘Matt’ and told him what we were doing and thanked him for the use of his songs.!

Matt then had a read of our website, wrote about us on his dream English blog and followed up with a lovely email, that included a donation of the Dream English songs package to ACCV!! The package includes a number of other songs, all of them designed to be really useful in the English language classroom. We have now incorporated them into our programme and the lyrics are being brailled as we speak.

If you are at interested in English language songs as a fun way to teach letters, numbers, days of the week etc. have a look at this website, it’s fabulous. Thanks Matt!

I hope everyone is keeping well, I will send another news update soon. Once again a big thank you, none of this is possible without your support.

Kind regards
Alison & Rose


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