Sunday, January 4, 2009

Quan, a life interrupted – now resumed.

Quan once told me that he really enjoyed going to school when he was younger, before he lost his sight at age ten. His education came to an abrupt end at the same time as his illness took hold. In particular he enjoyed reading, so he was excited at the prospect of learning Braille, for a while there he was constantly reading, he had a lot of catching up to do! He also enjoyed all other aspects of attending school, he believes education is very important.

As you all know, Quan spent many years with his life on hold, it has only been this last year that he has slowly resumed living a regular life. He really has gone from strength to strength, he has a lovely home and support network at the Blind Association where he works. The folks that run the centre are genuinely nice people who really care for the staff, he’s very happy.

During our October trip we were enjoying lunch with Quan and other staff members when we were asked if we could provide him with a digital voice recorder. When we enquired as to why he would need one, Quan smiled broadly and announced that he has gone back to school!

This is another huge step in Quan re-building his life – we were amazed and delighted for him. With a very proud grin he told us that he travels into Hanoi on weekends and attends classes all day Saturday and Sunday. He needs to record his teacher during the class so that he can replay his lessons that night and write his notes in Braille!

We very happily purchased the recorder for him.

It has become a wonderful observation to watch Quan’s life come together piece by piece. This is certainly another important step for him.

Recently, Dat and Anh paid him a visit at his school and kindly sent me an email along with a few photos.

Anh said;

“OMG I can’t believe Quan, he looks so good! He used to be so quiet and now he talks to everyone and starts jokes with Dat and his friends. I can’t believe that he goes to school every weekend by himself”.

Yes!! ..... Quan’s story continues.

Thank you.


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