Saturday, November 29, 2008

Support from the kids ….. for the kids…..

Most of you know the story of Quan, he’s a fine example of how easily a young life can be turned around. There are many blind kids in Vietnam, just like Quan, who really need our help. We are looking at funding Braille courses for young children, not only to teach them Braille, but to also equip them with the necessary skills to go to mainstream school. We will help them on the pathway to an education and a shot at a life. Most of these children will never get to school without our help.

To implement our projects we need to raise funds. I must confess that I find fundraising to be a bit of a chore, I don't enjoy it. I would much rather be working on our next project for the kids. But without funding, the projects will never happen. So, it was with great appreciation that I received a phone call telling me that the Vietnamese Catholic Youth group had hosted a couple of evening ‘Dinner Dances’ to raise funds - and they were very kindly donating to ACCV.

We are very grateful for their support, the money they have raised will be well spent giving a lifetime opportunity to some very deserving young blind children.

The VCY are a delightful bunch of dynamic young people. We had the added bonus of their company for a sunny afternoon Australian BBQ – Vietnamese style – delicious!

Thank you!!

ps: If anyone would like to host a fund raising even on behalf of ACCV we would really love to hear from you!



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