Sunday, May 24, 2009

Blankets, pillows and Friendship…….

We have a policy at ACCV that we don’t hand out money, we prefer to make the necessary purchases ourselves. This isn’t always an easy task with us being based here in Australia, but we have a few great people on hand in Hanoi to help us out.
Recently, Ms Ha at Friendship home contacted us to say that the children were in need of new blankets and pillows. Our good friend Anh followed up on exactly what they needed and then she went in search of the right goods. She found an excellent little blanket shop and she even did some pre-negotiations on our behalf. Thanks Anh!

When Rose & I arrived in Hanoi the three of us had a lot of fun shopping up a storm for the kids. We also had fun finding a taxi for us girls and our 18 duvet blankets, pillows and pillow cases!

It is always a wonderful highlight of our trip to spend time with the children of Friendship home. This is where it all began for ACCV, we are very fond of the children of Friendship Home and they will continue to be a major focus of our support.

Rose has some strong friendships there now and the children have come to see our visits as a small constant in their lives. It’s always been a positive experience.

And this visit was no different, the children met us with hugs and joy, time slipped away and it was as though we had been there just last week. They were all delighted with their new bedding, each of them choosing their own blanket and pillow. Their gratitude for the simpler things in life still takes me by surprise.

We spent a few fun filled hours with the children, including a nice sing-a-long and even some time for a play outside.

Thank you for your continued support, 100% of your donations go directly to the children of Vietnam.

Kind Regards

Alison & Rose

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