Thursday, June 24, 2010

“And will you succeed? ... Yes, you will indeed.... 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed!"

I must confess, I'm a real fan of Dr Seuss. I've always enjoyed his books and quotes. I think the quote used for the title for this blog entry is so fitting for our students, the classroom has really opened the world up for them.

It is extremely hot here in Hanoi, summer has well and truly arrived, and so has the end of the school year. We all know how students love all the end of school year parties, graduations, award ceremonies etc., and our students are no different....

We decided to have a certificate ceremony to acknowledge the students hard work and achievements. It soon became quite an event, even attended by local government officials and  Blind Association executives.

The students were very excited about the whole thing...

The students have now finished both beginner and level one of the English language program, and they have done really well. They're a very enthusiastic and motivated bunch, and even though sometimes it's a real struggle they persevere.

We had certificates made up and Brailled for them and each student received an English story book of their own. 

Many speeches were made and a couple of the more confident students were very proud to show off their English language and public speaking skills.

They have all done well with their assessments, some of them have actually done very well indeed!Once again Hong absolutely shone, she was also the recipient of an academic encouragement award by the local government.  This girl is going places....

This is also a good time to acknowledge the amazing dedication and hard work of teachers Birgit and Khanh and supporting staff Thuy and Ha.

We really had a wonderful morning, the students were absolutely shining!

Once again we would like to thank NZAid for funding this program.

Kind regards
Alison & Rose


At July 11, 2010 at 6:24 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Alison
great to read al the news of the students and to know they are doing so well what great work you are all doing.
Margaret John & Debbie


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