Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Rose by any other name.....

Yesterday was Rose's birthday, it's amazing to say she has turned fifteen. Where did those years go?!

She was just a little ten year old on our first visit to Vietnam, she loved it as much as the rest of us and she was also very involved in our family decision to do something. She's been a fundamental part of ACCV since then, never missing a trip or an update. Sometimes she works really hard for ACCV.

Rose was involved when Quan and the other students began their very first English class, they know her well. She produces Braille materials for the classes and she likes to get to know the students.  She was very excited to learn that one of the students was named "Hong" which means "Rose" in English.

Rose and Hong have had a very nice friendship since then, and Rose has taken great delight in Hong's achievements. As I have mentioned on the blog previously, Hong is doing very well and she now works with ACCV part time as she continues her studies.

Yesterday, Rose received this lovely birthday message from Hong, complete with grammar points!

Dear my cute sister. 
May I  call you like this? I know, Today is your birthday so I wish you
always happiest, luckiest, successful and beautiful. 
I'm looking forward to see you in September. 
Happy birthday.

When we met Hong she could not speak English at all....

As you can see, our English Language classes for blind students are going very well,
we're so proud of our students! 

kind regards
Alison & Rose

(please drop us a quick email so we can acknowledge your kindness)


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