Friday, June 12, 2009

Where words fail, music speaks ....

When Rose and I were in Hanoi we spent some time at another Blind Association where we are hoping to establish a massage course for ten young blind people, similar to the course we ran for Quan and the other students back in 2007.

This particular Blind Association is located in a very old concrete building, three or four stories tall, a bit like a hospital or school you would see in an old movie.

While we were discussing the basics for running a course with the executives of the Blind Association we could hear the most beautiful music wafting through the building. It was quite distracting. At one point I interrupted the meeting to ask where the sound was coming from. We were told that a number of local young blind members of the association like to get together and have a bit of a music session.

We were lucky enough to be treated to an impromptu concert. This amazing voice belongs to a lovely young blind girl named Sen, she is hoping to be a student of the next ACCV massage course.

Take a minute and have a listen to this young lady’s voice …… the words may be Vietnamese, but the sound of music is definitely universal.

It really struck me how these guys are no different to any other group of teenagers, they have great fun just hanging out and making music together.

They are also very keen to have the opportunity to train as massage therapists so that they can make a living and build a better life for themselves.

Hopefully ACCV will be able to help them.

Kind Regards

Alison & Rose

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