Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's just so basic....

We spent some time at the hospital today. It's always quite confronting, but it also strengthens the resolve to do something.

Rose and Brent came along too and we met up with some of the families we are supporting. As we talked about it later, Brent commented on a situation that really affected him.

We met up with a young guy we are helping. He's a terrific kid, quick with a smile each time he sees us. His smile wasn't quite so quick this time, he's now quite obviously a very sick little boy. He's nine years old and he's battling cancer. He's travelled a long way to Hanoi for his fourth round of chemotherapy, but he has become too weak with a fever  and infection so they cannot go ahead with this treatment (he requires seven or eight). Talking to his parents we could see the concern & fear that you would expect for people with a seriously ill child. Chau spoke with them and translated for us.

They were very worried because to take their son back to their hometown and return  to the hospital in two weeks time, when he is a little stronger, means they must buy extra bus tickets for the 8hr each way journey. At 200,000vnd (about $10) that is out of their reach.

 The relief for these people knowing that we will help with medical expenses, and extra bus fares, was palpable. Now they can get back to the serious business of supporting and caring for their child.

As Brent said, "it seems so wrong when parents with seriously ill kids don't have enough money to pay for busfare or to buy fruit, their needs are just so basic...."

It strengthens the resolve to do something...

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