Saturday, September 11, 2010

A sponsor for a big night out....

It is only two weeks today until our very first big fundraising event in Hanoi and if we consider the amount of effort and the fantastic people involved, then it's going to be a great night...

Our manager Chau and the rest of our staff are doing an incredible job. We've also had a number of friends of ACCV volunteer their time and resources to helping us out. We have some great acts, including live music from The Props, The Brass Monkies, DJ Kulture,  Drum Circle... We have Fire twirlers, magician, belly dancer, on and on... so many wonderful people who have kindly donated their talents ...... it's going to be great!

And then there is the venue...

Green Mango Restaurant is the go to place in Hanoi, and the owner Mr Hai, has been truly amazing helping us to put together a really worthwhile event, alot of his own time and expense. He's a good guy!

Now talking of good guys, you're all familiar with Quan, Hong, Dat, Quy and the rest of the gang, well I was thinking.....

These guys have discovered the joys of a social life, and the joy of music and there is no question of how much they would love to come to our event at Green Mango. What we need to do  is to find someone or a few someones who would like to sponsor a fun night out, for some great people, for a great cause!!

We would also like to include the students from our new course. They are also a delightful bunch, and in exactly the same boat as Quan et al a couple of years back. It will be a great way for them to get to meet those who are paving the way.

The entry fee is our treat. We figure that for a couple of hundred dollars we can organise taxi's, and a little money each for them to buy a drink or a couple of raffle tickets. The enjoyment they will have from the big night out will last a long time.

Any excess funds will go directly to the children at the hospital...... so it's a win/win!

Hope all's well in your world.

Kind regards

Alison & Rose 

(please drop us a quick email so we can acknowledge your kindness)


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