Sunday, July 25, 2010

The student becomes the teacher....

I wrote about one of our students, Hong, back in May. She is an excellent student and she really embraces any opportunity which presents itself.

And recently one has…..

Our English Language program for blind students is thriving and it's now expanding into other centres, just as we had hoped. We have begun classes in another centre, and we are in talks with a other Blind Associations with a view to setting up there too.
There are so many young blind people just waiting for an opportunity. We have also established a tutoring program to assist those students who need or desire extra support with their classes.

Our original students are doing really well, they are coming up for level two of the program soon. This includes learning advanced, or Grade 2, English Braille.


As Braille is vital for the students to learn English, we realized that we actually need a Braille teacher on staff, to work with those students requiring assistance, and to teach Grade two to everyone.


We very proudly welcome our new staff member, ACCV Braille teacher, Ms Hong!


We couldn’t ask for a better person to join our team. When we mentioned it to her, she accepted the position with great enthusiasm, her actual response was;

“Oh, yes! I will do my best to be a good teacher and ACCV staff member ”
I have no doubt that Hong will do a great job.
She's already very accomplished in Grade one Braille and she will soon begin her training so she can teach Grade two. These photo’s were taken on her first day at work, teaching ACCV staff members , including her teacher Khanh, the finer details of Braille writing. .
There is something lovely about the positive role model she will be for the blind students she will be working with.

Kind regards
Alison & Rose


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