Friday, July 9, 2010

Thao and her mum - a spoonful of medicine...

While we were in Hanoi we made a day trip to Bac Ninh, a very poor, small town a couple of hours outside of Hanoi. A number of people we sponsor live there, including Thao. Knowing it was summer holidays and that she would be in town visiting her mother, we couldn't resist a quick visit.

It was so nice to catch up with them. But it was so unbearably hot, I'm talking in the 40's outside, and so hot inside her home that we had to stand outside and catch up. Still, it was lovely to see them.

Once we swapped hugs and hello's, both Rose and I looked at Thao's mum and then each other in astonishment. The difference is huge!

I wrote about Thao's mother last October. At that time she was seriously ill, in a lot of pain and very weak. Since then we have been funding her medicines each month and some extra nutritional supplies. They are clearly working.

While she will always have health problems, she is clearly doing so much better. This is of course a great relief to Thao, as she was extremely worried about her mother last year.

Once again Thao and Rose enjoyed catching up, height was the topic of conversation this time. Thao had hand made Rose a little red and white knitted mobile phone holder, anticipating their next get together. Rose loved it.

Thao has just completed her second year of medical school, and once again she has done really well. She is really appreciative of the opportunities and support that have come her way. She asked me to please pass on a message to you all.

"I would like to say thanks to all the donors of ACCV for supporting my education and the medication for my mother. I will continue work very hard to be worthy of your support and I hope to make a very good doctor and help poor people in the future. Sincerely, Thao"

Kind regards
Alison & Rose

(please drop us a quick email so we can acknowledge your kindness)


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