Saturday, December 4, 2010

The spirit of Christmas & gifts that give ......

If you would like to take the angst out of Christmas shopping this year, you can buy someone special a gift that gives again!
You can purchase a voucher from ACCV to make a donation as a Christmas gift for family and friends. Simply make a donation, you can choose the amount of money you spend, and how it is spent.
Have a scroll through the sample vouchers and the list of suggested donations and what that money will buy. When you have made your selection, simply make the donation and email us the details. We can create the voucher and email it directly to you for you to personalise your message. Or if you would prefer, you can send us the information and we will send the voucher on your behalf.

You can nominate your gift to go directly to our language projects with the blind students.
$10.00 will buy a Braille board and paper for a blind student.
$50 will pay for two blind siblings to attend school for a month.
$100 will pay for a digital voice recorder for a blind student.
$500 will pay for an English language course for ten blind students.
You may choose to donate directly to benefit seriously ill  children at the National Paediatric Hospital.

$25.00 will pay for protein and fruit for a seriously ill child.

$50.00 will pay for nutritional support for
a seriously ill child.
$100.00 will fund a child's medical care for three months. 

$150.00 will pay for initial treatment for a seriously ill child.
Or you might like to assist young teenagers with a Vocational Education Programme.

$50.00 will pay for two blind siblings to attend school for a month.

$125.00 will pay for a Vocational Education Programme , including course materials.

Alternatively, you can make a general donation to assist us in supporting the many young people we are helping to break the cycle of poverty. We are happy to personalise your voucher to suit you
kind regards 
Alison & Rose

(please drop us a quick email so we can acknowledge your kindness)

Every dollar donated goes directly to the children of Vietnam - all administrative costs are covered by the Vidotto family


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