Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our very own English Club....

A few years ago, a young Vietnamese friend invited Rose and I to go along with him to his ‘English Club’.  We had never heard the term before. It was a social evening held by a very motivated group of young Vietnamese people. They would meet up each week and spend time together to work on their English language skills. It was well organized, with pre-chosen topics, lively discussion, and a few fun activities, all in English. 

Rose and I had a great time that evening and over the years we have talked about how wonderful it would be for our blind students to have their own English club. It has always been part of the plan.
Well here it is!

I’ve previously spoken with pride at the development of our students' language skills. It’s the truth, they have done so well. It is testament to their motivation and skills, along with dedicated teachers how well they have progressed. Our initial group of students now have the language skills that enable them to converse in English, send emails, and even plan their own English club get together…
Each week our students meet up and spend a few hours socializing, chatting and listening to music, all in English. Our staff members Dat Tran and Hong, select the topic and put together a report after the event. It's worth remembering that neither of them could speak a word of English when we met.

Our teachers and staff also kindly give their time to develop this programme and  to work with the students so that the English club is both social and educational.

The ACCV English Social club  is now well and truly up and running. It includes students from the four language programmes currently running, some students are just beginners,  some are now quite advanced. Nevertheless, they are all learning from each other.

And having a great time too!

kind regards
Alison & Rose

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