Saturday, August 8, 2009

ACCV Pilot English Language Course.....

A while ago I blogged about the ACCV English language course for blind students finally getting off the ground. Well, the first course has now been completed, and very successfully too!

You never know how a pilot anything will go, let alone an educational course for disabled people, in a foreign land, in a foreign language, with very limited resources! I am so delighted and proud to be able to say it has been completed with results beyond our expectations.

Juliette as course coordinator along with teachers Birgit and Hai have done a truly amazing job – the adaptations, adjustments and challenges that faced them weekly have been quite interesting to say the least :) And they have graciously dealt with each of them and delivered a wonderful programme for the students.
I would like to add that Juliette came on board as Course Coordinator, which is a big job in and of itself …… she also morphed into a teacher at a minute’s notice and did that job very well too – we are indeed very fortunate to have her on board. ….. Thanks Juls x
We have also benefited from the additional support of very keen young Vietnamese Teachers Aides/Translators Van, Thuy, Hieu, Phuc and Khanh. They really are quite a remarkable team.

The course is a whole lot of fun, even a little singing and dancing :)

The students have gained so much from this course, apart from the obvious educational benefits, the social side of getting together for classes has been wonderful. The photos tell the story.
Young Toan has been helping out and getting to know the students.

While the coordinator and teachers enjoy a well earned summer break, the students are very keen for classes to begin again :) Fortunately one of the teachers Aides, Khanh is kindly spending time with them over the summer to keep them a little up to date on their language skills – thanks Khanh

ACCV English language course for blind students has always been a very long term project, we’re not going anywhere! We expect this course to go from strength to strength and to be reproduced many times to benefit the young blind community in Hanoi.

The students are very thankful for the opportunities that come their way, Juliette and the teachers & TA’s are making such a wonderful contribution to these young lives.

Kind Regards

Alison & Rose



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