Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A wonderful birthday gift....

Well today it’s my birthday, and this evening Rose and I will once again fly out to Hanoi.

As I’m putting the final touches on the Braille worksheets and activities, I can’t help but think back to a special birthday a few years ago. It was actually on my birthday that we first met the children of Friendship Home.

We went along with stationary supplies we were donating for an English class that was being set up for the children at the orphanage. We had a truly wonderful afternoon, our children and the children who live at Friendship Home really hit it off and soon became fast friends. The highlight of the afternoon was when the balloons became water missiles and were thrown from a dizzy height, soaking the poor soul who couldn’t move fast enough!! Soon everyone was dripping wet and laughing their socks off!

That afternoon really was a life altering day, things haven't been the same since. That evening our children were talking about the kids of FH and the very difficult lives they led. I can remember saying that meeting them, even with the sadness of their situation, was a really special gift. They are an amazing bunch of kids.

Our plan was to spend an afternoon with the children, go and enjoy a family birthday dinner, continue with our trip through Vietnam and return to our lives here in Brisbane …….. that's not quite the way it worked out!

Since then there has been a huge amount of joy, a little bit of heartache and some truly amazing friendships and experiences.

Thoughts of how the children are growing, the turnaround in Quan’s life, meeting Brian, Dat, Thao, Toan ….
So as I put the finishing touches on the Braille materials and prepare for a birthday dinner and then a flight to Hanoi. I realise how lucky I am to be involved in the lives of these amazing young people. It’ll be so nice to see them all again.

Another wonderful birthday gift.

Thank you
Alison & Rose


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