Sunday, April 4, 2010

I can hear music.....

It's great to be back in Hanoi, lots happening and we're achieving many things. It's a really busy time for us both, but it's also alot of fun, so no complaints, that's for sure
We ducked into The Blind Association for a quick meeting and to collect some materials we wanted to update. We had a very nice chat and cuppa with a few of the staff and students, we were treated to a lovely impromptu music session. They're a talented bunch this lot

Quy is quite a master with the guitar and flute, just delightful to listen to.

He's passed on a few musical skills to his friends, here Dat joined in the fun and there was also a bit of singing. Suddenly, we were treated to a concert.

Khanh kindly came along to translate and join in the fun.

Once again it was lovely to see everyone.


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