Saturday, October 3, 2009

They say money can't buy happiness.......

Rose and I just returned from Hanoi yesterday. It was another busy trip, but we achieved so much and once again we really enjoyed being there.

It's always great to catch up with the people we’re supporting, to see first hand how they're doing, how well the money has been utilised and if they need any further assistance.

Many of you know The story of Thao, the very poor young girl who grew up collecting rubbish to survive, and who, with the full support of ACCV is now a medical student.
Thao is a delightful young girl, it's great to keep in touch with her and see how she is doing. Academically, she is doing very well, in fact her marks are very high. She is a devoted student who really appreciates the opportunity that has come her way. She will often express her gratitude for our support, even heading into town to find an internet café and organising someone to translate an email for her.
Thao tries to make the long bus journey back home when she can as she is very close to her mother, who is quite ill. Recently she mentioned that she was very frightened about her mothers situation as she is quite weak and they had been told she would not live more than a couple of years. Thao is only eighteen years old, her mother is only 52.

With Dat’s assistance we organised tests for Thao’s mum to see exactly what the story is with her health and if we could possibly help. She has spent the last week in hospital in Hanoi undergoing tests. The final result is that she has only one kidney and it is full of stones. We met with Thao and her mother, both of them looking worn out and terrified. It turns out that she requires a daily medicine regime to treat both the stones and to strengthen the kidney.
The medicines she needs will cost 1.6 million vietnamdong per month (about $100). Thao struggled to talk as she told us that they have no resources, nowhere to turn. She didn’t know what to do and she understands that ACCV is there to help children and again she mentioned how grateful she is for our support.

We had a big chat and after a while I explained to Thao that while she is at medical school we are committed to fully supporting her, and that support will include helping her mother...
I wish I could convey the relief, gratitude and emotion that Thao obviously felt, it was clearly written in her face. An eighteen year old girl who had just realised that someone was going to give them the $26 per week required to keep her mother alive.

As the news finally sank in, Thao shared a bit of fun catch up time with Rose. Just chatting about growth spurts, hairstyles, and posing for photos!

If you would like to help Thao and her mother simply mark your donation “Thao” and every dollar will go directly to support them.

Kind regards

Alison & Rose


(please send us a quick email if you make a donation so that we can acknowledge your kindness - thank you)


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