Saturday, April 17, 2010

Volunteer English language teachers needed.....

The ACCV English language programme for blind students is really moving ahead now. We have been asked to place it in a number of other centres around Hanoi. So we need to recruit more teachers and teaching assistants.

Here is our ad...

Volunteer English language teachers to work with blind students.
The Australian Charity for the Children of Vietnam (ACCV) is a grassroots Australian NGO  working  with underprivileged and blind children and teenagers in Hanoi, Vietnam. ACCV has developed an interesting and challenging English language programme for blind students. The pilot course has been successfully  implemented and we are looking to run future courses in numerous Blind Association centres around Hanoi.

ACCV is looking for English language teachers prepared to donate their time twice per week for a ten week course. To register interest in volunteering to teach future programmes in and around Hanoi. 

We are also looking for a number of Vietnamese teaching assistants with a high level of English.
This is an interesting and challenging project which will make a significant  and positive impact in the lives of both teachers and students.

If you would like to register your interest in participating in future projects or if you would like further information then please attach your CV and email Alison Vidotto at

Thank you

Alison Vidotto


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