Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Noodles, links & bicycles...

Noodle stalls are common place in Vietnam, they seem to appear on most street corners around meal times. The stalls are often manned by old ladies, the food is home made, it's very cheap,  and delicious. 

In the alley outside our office there are a few such noodle stalls. One of them is staffed by an old lady and a young teenage girl who helps out. The young girl, Trang, has had a difficult time of it. Abandoned when she was a tiny baby, she was raised by her elderly grandmother until that became too difficult, she then went on to live with other relatives. 

While helping out at the noodle stall, Trang heard about our English classes and asked our staff if she could please join in. As our classes are designed and developed for blind students that just wasn't an option. But we did manage to find a way to help Trang.

Language link Vietnam has very kindly given scholarships for students who are living in poverty. An English school of this standard is usually far beyond the reach of the kids we deal with. When we spoke to our friend at Language Link on Trang's behalf, they were happy to help. As you can imagine, Trang is delighted to have this opportunity.

Just recently we found out that Trangs class was moving to the new Language Link campus on Yen Phu, quite a distance from where she lives, and a long, long walk. Although we were concerned, Trang was not too bothered by this and assured us that she would make the long trek to class. While we were trying to come up with a better option for Trang one of her teachers at Language Link kindly donated a bicycle to her.

Happy days for Trang!

We've also recently found out that Trang is a very good student, and she really wants to continue her education. ACCV will be helping her along the way...

Kind Regards
   Alison & Rose

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