Saturday, March 7, 2009

an update on Thao.............

Dat met with Thao recently to pass along the support funds from ACCV, she has settled into university life very nicely and she is achieving excellent results. They had a lovely chat, Dat organized some great photos Thao asked Dat to give the following message to us all.

I dreamt of becoming a doctor from when I was in secondary school, I was 12 years old. My mother was seriously ill, she has kidney failure. The idea of becoming a doctor had come into my mind. I really wanted to be a doctor to help my mother to cure her disease. Although she has had two operations, she is still seriously weak. That is the reason why I always try my best to study hard, to cure my mother’s disease and to help other people.

When I received the news that someone had sponsored me for my studying, I was very happy then. I did not believe my eyes, it was a big dream. I would like to give my special thanks to Ms Alison and to ACCV who has helped me, and given me the chance to pursue my passion. I promised to myself to study hard to become a good doctor in the future and to express my thanks to her.

I am very happy to tell her that the life in the university where I am studying. Living in the university is very interesting, it is very convenient for my study, the library, the facilities , the food is rather good but it is very expensive.

Up to now the life in the university has been quite good, and I am still the freshman, so I do not have much experience in life.

Thank you very much

It’s so nice to work with people like Thao, her journey from scouring the rubbish for survival to being an excellent medical student and living at the university is truly uplifting, ......... anything's possible!

Your donations actually make these amazing life changes possible, we simply could not do it without your support.

Thank you

kind regards
Alison & Rose