Saturday, November 26, 2011

Make your Christmas easier & their life better ......

It’s hard to believe that once again it’s time for Christmas shopping. We’d like to make your life easier this Christmas, & you can make a child’s life easier, for life….

Purchase a Gift Card from ACCV as a Christmas gift for family and friends. Simply make a donation, you can choose the amount of money you spend, and how it is spent.
Have a scroll through the sample Gift Card’s and the list of suggested donations and what that money will buy. 

You can nominate your gift to go directly to our  projects for blind students.
$10.00 will buy a Braille board and paper for a blind student.
$25.00 will pay for protein and fruit for a seriously ill child.
$50 will pay for a blind student to attend school for a month.
$100 will pay for a digital voice recorder for a blind student.
$500 will pay for an English language course for ten blind students.

You can nominate your gift to benefit seriously ill  children at the Paediatric Hospital.
$25.00 will buy protein & fruit for a seriously ill child.

$50.00 will pay for nutritional support for a seriously ill child.
$100.00 will fund a child's medical care for three months. 

$150.00 will pay for initial treatment for a seriously ill child.

$360.00 will sponsor a seriously ill child for a year.


Or your gift can assist young teenagers with a Vocational Education Programme.

$50.00 will pay for rent and educational expenses for a month.

$125.00 will pay for a Vocational Education Programme , including course materials

When you have made your selection, simply make the donation and email us the details. We can create the Gift Card and email or send it directly to you for you to personalise your message. Or if you would prefer, you can send us the information and we will send the Gift Card on your behalf.

 Alternatively, you can make a general donation to assist us in supporting the many young people we are helping to break the cycle of poverty.

We are happy to personalise your voucher to suit you
kind regards 
Alison & Rose

(please drop us a quick email so that we can acknowledge your kindness)

Every dollar donated goes directly to the children of Vietnam - all administrative costs are covered by the Vidotto family

Friday, November 18, 2011

Building bridges, breaking barriers...

You've all heard me talk about Brian and the wonderful support he's given to ACCV over the years. As well as being a good guy, he's also a great educator, teaching his students about life as well as school work. His classroom is a great  environment. One that he has kindly invited ACCV into a number of times.

I couldn't think of a better forum for our blind staff members to make their first solo ACCV promotional appearance. This is another big first for Hong & Dat. They've come such a long way, we're all so proud of them. They really are pioneers for young blind people in their community. Brian's young students have never met blind people who are as confident & engaging as Dat & Hong.

Blind people in Vietnam are not usually educated speakers of English, planning trips to Australia. A visit to a classroom like this breaks down those stereotypical images of toothpick & broom making blind people. It is an invaluable tool that is vital in changing the lives of young blind people in Vietnam.
Mai sent me this lovely report. It was such a positive experience for everyone involved, I wanted to share it with you.

So, in Mai's own words.....

Good morning,
Yesterday Hong, Dat and I had a great time with the children at Brian's school.

When we came to the gate, Brian and one of his pupils helped us go to the class. All the children warmly welcomed us, saying hello so nicely. Dat and Hong were sitting among the children and they were happy about this. We started the talk with introduction through the slide show about Alison and Rose, why ACCV was established and the goals of ACCV.

Dat and Hong guided the children how to write and read Braille. The children were excited about learning the language of the blind.

At first the children were confused by the Braille reading alphabet and writing alphabet (they're opposite), However; they were intelligent enough to turn back the reading alphabet copies and then they had the written alphabet.

The children began to write their names and other sentences in Braille, and gave them to Dat and Hong to check. Dat told me, one of children wrote in Braille " I will donate for you in the future". It is so lovely.

At the end of the talk, Brian told the children how they could do charity work while I was giving ACCV brochures to the children and other teachers.

I was very impressed by one child, he stood up and shared his experience of doing charity work. I recognized that boy, his parents are sponsors for two of our sick children. This family came to visit our office and the family of the sick children they sponsor.  Toan and I came with them also on this visit.

Before we left, the children gave Hong a beautiful flower bunch.

Ohhh how cool the children were!

Kind regards 
Alison & Rose

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Every dollar donated goes directly to the children of Vietnam - all administrative costs are covered

Sunday, November 6, 2011

So of course we said yes...

As previously mentioned, we have a program at the National Pediatric Hospital in Hanoi where we fund medical expenses for seriously ill children. 

Here’s how it works; 

  • The hospital notifies us of a family living in poverty. 
  • We go to the hospital and interview the family. 
  • We agree to assist the family with funding medical care for their child. 
  • Each time the family visits the hospital an ACCV staff member updates their profile. 
  • We then try to find a sponsor to help support the ongoing medical costs for the child. 
Sponsorship doesn’t cost a lot of money, thirty dollars per month will cover the cost of insulin, hospital visits, even food and transport costs when a family is really struggling. It’s enough to keep a child healthy, and alive.
The process is supposed to be fairly straightforward. But like all well laid plans…..

There are always unforeseen situations and expenses. It’s difficult to stick to a budget when you’re dealing with real children, facing very real consequences.

Our office manager Mai was enjoying her weekend when she received a frantic call from the young father of a baby girl we have recently agreed to sponsor. Huyen is just seven months old. She has been diagnosed with diabetes. 

On Sunday her parents made the long trip to the hospital because the baby was so unwell. It turns out that she is gravely ill. She needs immediate hospitalisation and hemodialysis. Her little kidneys are in serious trouble.

Her distraught father has been running around borrowing money from relatives, friends and any other avenue he could find so that he can pay for her treatment. But he has fallen far short of the amount that is needed for his baby.

Less than one thousand dollars.

In desperation, he phoned Mai and asked if ACCV will help the family to pay for the baby’s emergency hospital care.

Of course we said yes…. with fingers crossed for little Huyens recovery.

Kind regards 
Alison & Rose

(please drop us a quick email so we can acknowledge your kindness)
Every dollar donated goes directly to the children of Vietnam - all administrative costs are covere