Monday, January 30, 2012

They can see a Brighter Tomorrow...

Our Brighter tomorrow programme works with real families living in poverty. They are dealing with the stress of having a very sick child along with the incredible burden of being incapable of paying for medical treatment. We can only imagine…

It is extremely rewarding to see a seriously ill child go from strength to strength. To see parents obvious relief  as they realise that there is help at hand for them and their child. As our programme at the National Paediatric hospital is now well into it’s second year we are beginning to receive many positive feedback stories. We’d like to share some of them with you.

Your money is very well spent, 100% of all donations go to ACCV programmes. There are almost 100 children in our programme, there are 500 seriously ill children waiting for our help. 

Our annual Hanoi fundraiser will take place Friday 30th of March at the Australian Embassy Hanoi. We are looking for volunteers to help us to make this night a succesful event

We’re looking for donations too, but that’s nothing new...

Kind regards
Alison, Rose & the ACCV team

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Friday, January 20, 2012

English Club Topic: Traditional Vietnamese Tet...

The year of the Dragon is about to begin. It will be the sixth lunar new year for ACCV & our friends in Hanoi. Each year has brought about a number of new developments for ACCV, while some were great, others have been quite challenging.

A definite highlight of last year was the development of our ACCV English Club at British Council. It has been a wonderful success for all involved. Dat & Hong have stepped up beautifully in their new role as leaders, with full support of Matt, Leath, Mai & Huong. 

Dat & Hong take turns in preparing a report and sending it through to us. I always look forward to hearing from them. The latest Club topic was Traditional Vietnamese Tet, they did a great job and everyone had a wonderful time!

Here is Dat's report...
Please remember that this young man could not speak a word of English when we met him just a few years ago. Enjoy! 

To welcome New Year atmosphere, everyone was very excited when they came to English club to talk about Traditional Tet of Vietnam. However, there were some students who couldn’t come to English club, because they live in other places where so are far from Hanoi city. They didn’t come back home for a long time and they wish to come back their homeland for a family reunion.

In discussion, most of students told that Tet holiday is the most important festival in Vietnam. It has become so familiar to the Vietnamese when spring arrives. During Tet holiday, you can see full of colorful flowers on all streets. Peaches, Apricots and Kumquats are specific trees of Vietnamese Lunar New Year. People believe that it can bring them the luck of life and fortune.

Besides, they also discussed about traditional customs in Tet holiday such as: visiting relative house on the first day of the New Year, ancestral worshipping, wishing New Year’s greetings, giving lucky money to children and elder people, opening the shops…etc. There are many different customs in Tet holiday. Each place has a different custom to welcome the New Year.  In additional, they talked about special and meaning of foods in Lunar New year. Chung cake, Day cake, Five-fruit tray are symbol of land, sky and prosperity.

Every student was very surprised when they were playing an interesting game. The pictures were decorated by their hands. For blind people, it is very difficult to create a picture, but they did very well. It made them feel more confident and happy.

 Thank you very much!
Dat Tran.

Chuc mung nam oi 2012 with best wishes from all at ACCV!

Kind regards
Alison, Rose & the ACCV team

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Event planning volunteers....

ACCV  is preparing to host  "A Brighter Tomorrow"  our second annual fund raising evening in the beautiful grounds of the Australian Embassy on Friday March 30th

We are looking for volunteers to join the committee to help us to make this event a great success. This will involve planning, managing and hosting a high energy, fun and financially successful event to raise both funds for the children and awareness of ACCV in Hanoi.
The successful applicants will be part of a small committee of people all geared to working together for the success of this event. Each successful applicant will manage a particular aspect of the event.

Scope of work includes:

- Working with a team to develop and implement an event plan.
- Monitor and manage each aspect and stage of the event.
- Oversee smaller committee
- Manage and delegate responsibilities for;
  • Event correspondence 
  • Donations, sponsorship 
  • Marketing, advertising, promotions 
  • Entertainment 
  • Vendors 
  • Raffles, competitions etc. 
  • Staffing rosters 
  • Event schedule
This is a short term position commencing immediately and culminating at the event on Friday March 30th

If you would like to register your interest please email your CV:

All proceeds will go directly to our “A Brighter Tomorrow” program working with seriously ill children at the National Pediatric Hospital

kind regards
Alison & Rose

100% of donations will go directly to the children of Vietnam