Friday, November 18, 2011

Building bridges, breaking barriers...

You've all heard me talk about Brian and the wonderful support he's given to ACCV over the years. As well as being a good guy, he's also a great educator, teaching his students about life as well as school work. His classroom is a great  environment. One that he has kindly invited ACCV into a number of times.

I couldn't think of a better forum for our blind staff members to make their first solo ACCV promotional appearance. This is another big first for Hong & Dat. They've come such a long way, we're all so proud of them. They really are pioneers for young blind people in their community. Brian's young students have never met blind people who are as confident & engaging as Dat & Hong.

Blind people in Vietnam are not usually educated speakers of English, planning trips to Australia. A visit to a classroom like this breaks down those stereotypical images of toothpick & broom making blind people. It is an invaluable tool that is vital in changing the lives of young blind people in Vietnam.
Mai sent me this lovely report. It was such a positive experience for everyone involved, I wanted to share it with you.

So, in Mai's own words.....

Good morning,
Yesterday Hong, Dat and I had a great time with the children at Brian's school.

When we came to the gate, Brian and one of his pupils helped us go to the class. All the children warmly welcomed us, saying hello so nicely. Dat and Hong were sitting among the children and they were happy about this. We started the talk with introduction through the slide show about Alison and Rose, why ACCV was established and the goals of ACCV.

Dat and Hong guided the children how to write and read Braille. The children were excited about learning the language of the blind.

At first the children were confused by the Braille reading alphabet and writing alphabet (they're opposite), However; they were intelligent enough to turn back the reading alphabet copies and then they had the written alphabet.

The children began to write their names and other sentences in Braille, and gave them to Dat and Hong to check. Dat told me, one of children wrote in Braille " I will donate for you in the future". It is so lovely.

At the end of the talk, Brian told the children how they could do charity work while I was giving ACCV brochures to the children and other teachers.

I was very impressed by one child, he stood up and shared his experience of doing charity work. I recognized that boy, his parents are sponsors for two of our sick children. This family came to visit our office and the family of the sick children they sponsor.  Toan and I came with them also on this visit.

Before we left, the children gave Hong a beautiful flower bunch.

Ohhh how cool the children were!

Kind regards 
Alison & Rose

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