Friday, September 23, 2011

Dream big........ never give up!

This is a phrase we have been using for quite a while amongst the blind students They have to dream big to overcome some of the hurdles they face. And they do.

Rose, Dave and I were out at the center catching up with our students yesterday. As always it was a great day, they really are alot of fun.

It was music to my ears when I heard the students use this phrase themselves. The subject matter was a trip to Australia for Hong and Dat, who are both employees of ACCV now.

We have been successful with a proposal we submitted in Australia for them to receive intensive training in advanced Braille and IT.  The plan is that they will return to Hanoi with some fabulous skills they can pass along to others in the blind community. The ripple effect will be amazing.

The proposal was only the first step in what we think will be quite a process of approval, fundraising and planning to pull this off. But it was a very important first step.

The second step was to see how Dat and Hong felt about the prospect of heading to Australia to study.

I think this photo tells you exactly how they feel, it was taken moments after we told them the proposal had been approved...

While we were discussing the plans, I mentioned that it could take some time and we had a few hurdles to overcome, the response was ....

"that's okay......We dream big and we never give up"

Watch this space, we'll keep you posted on our progress.

Kind regards 

Alison & Rose

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