Saturday, October 1, 2011

Role models....

A few days ago we held a conference with  the Vietnamese government in regards to our English language programme for blind people. There were a number of guest speakers, some of them quite highly placed with impressive titles etc.. But there was absolutely no doubt who were the shining stars of the day.

Everyone in attendance was most impressed by our very own students Dat and Hong. They presented their speeches clearly, proudly and completely in English! I must confess that I sat there bursting with pride. Just a couple of years ago they were very shy and could not speak a word of English.

My how times have changed. Both Dat and Hong have kindly agreed for me to share their speeches with you. Enjoy.

Dear Sir and Madam, 
Today I feel so honored to stand here on behalf of other members in my class and would like to give some personal opinions about learning English. 

Firstly, I would like to share my experiences of learning English which I have collected during my time “wrestling” with this language at English class. 

If you want to master English, the first thing you should do is overcome your fear, your shyness and feel free to speak out. Some people have trouble learning English just because they are afraid of not speaking it correctly as the native speaker or worry that others will criticize their English. Surely the result can not be positive. You lose your self-confidence and your interest in practicing English is gone. I think the best way to master English is to always practice and try to make some time in your daily plan for a regular practice.

Secondly, try to apply all the efficient learning methods. You learn English not only in English class but everywhere, including at home, and on the streets. In fact, there are a lot of methods and English learning materials which can support you a great deal on the way to mastering this language.

Thirldy, create and English space around you, for to learn English efficiently you must constantly interact with it. For example, you can take notes in English, read books written in English and listen to English radio programs. Listening to English conversations helps you improve your accent and enrich your vocabulary.

In my opinion, we should learn English with interest and joy. We can not simply force ourselves to learn it without finding any delight or a need for using it. You should feel at ease during the process of mastering English. Don't overload yourself. Learning with joy and comfort will always bring good results.

Well, those are my experiences of learning English that I wanted to share with you. I hope that somehow it will be useful for you and wish you a lot of fun in learning English. 

I would like to thank you for your attention. And on this occasion I would love to send my thanks to Thanh Tri Blind Association and ACCV, both of which have been helping us to access English language and have brought brighter prospects in life for many blind people like me.

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
Today I am very happy to join this Conference and share my thoughts on learning English.

With normal people, learning English is difficult, however, with the visually impaired students, it is much harder. Because we cannot see, so we have to face many difficulties in reading, writing, as well as learning vocabulary, especially the lack of books and materials which also makes it more difficult for us to learn English.

Although a few of them can use computers to help with learning English, not everyone can do that. I myself, when participating in English classes which are sponsored by ACCV at the Blind Association, had to face with difficulties. I have also been frustrated, but thanks to the enthusiastic teaching of teachers and the helps of the volunteer students, I have regained confidence.

Try to expand the vocabularies by learning through books and documents in English, the conversation including the songs that you love and especially to create for yourself an environment of learning English at everywhere that you can. Don't hesitate to speak English whenever you can and you should join the English club that you know. It will also help your English skills get much better. If you can do these suggestions well, I believe that you me and  everyone will learn English very well.

I would like to thank to ACCV and thanh tri blind association. You gave me a chance to learn English. It is undeniable that  English is very useful for my life.

Thank you very much,


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