Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winners, grinners & raffles....

Thank you so much to those who attended the Vidotto Group charity event on Friday evening. And to those who purchased raffle tickets.

It was a lovely evening and we raised over two thousand dollars- enough to fund the hospital treatment for little baby Huyen!
 Huyen recently suffered kidney failure as a result of undiagnosed diabetes. She has spent time in intensive care and while she is not out of the woods she has been doing very well with treatment.

Her parents are very young farmers living in poverty. They simply do not have the resources to pay for their child’s medical care. Yesterday we notified them that ACCV will finance the ongoing expenses related to Huyens hospital stay. We will also endeavour to find a sponsor for her ongoing medical costs.

Huyen’s parents were both delighted and relieved at receiving this news. They have asked us to pass along their sincere gratitude.
Thank you! Thank you! .... Lou, Alison & all at Vidotto Group (& of course baby Huyen and her parents :)
kind regards 
Alison & Rose

If you would like to sponsor a child...

(please drop us a quick email so that we can acknowledge your kindness)

Every dollar donated goes directly to the children of Vietnam - all administrative costs are covered by the Vidotto family


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